Ditiro Tsa Afrika Suppliers

About Us

Ditiro tsa Afrika(D-T-A) is a small enterprise, established in 2011. It is a 100% black owned South African company. D-T-A’s youthful management enhances attention to detail and an individualized focus to each project.

What We Do

Services Spectrum

DTA offers services mainly in:

  • Supply of Furniture 
  • Custom made items 
  • Refurbishment of upholstery items



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Mission & Promise

D-T-A prides itself as a promoter of professionalism in all aspects of our business, and constantly drives ethics and customer focus at the forefront of our dealings. This therefore ensures speedy service delivery with all projects we embark upon. D-T-A promises that in all we do, we will put the client’s business needs first.

Core Company Values

  • Integrity
  • Safety
  • Customer Focus
  • Employee Wellness
  • Innovation

Social Responsibility

We aspire to align with the government’s vision of skills development and job creation especially in the historically disadvantaged areas of our company